Monday, November 9, 2009

No Gyno for this girl!

I've thought long and hard about the dream I had last night and honestly, I can't give out the details. The reason is because I bet my parents read this, my sister reads this, prude people read this and so therefore it's just not something I can share with the cyber world.

What I can tell you is that after this dream, going to the Gyno is something I'm more scared of than ever. Let's just say a dark room, spot light on my, ahhh, nether region is very uncomfortable. Oh and let's not forget the fact that the exam room was similar to a display window in a department store, facing a busy street corner is just too much to discuss. On top of that, the male doctor asking me to do something in order to complete the exam is just, well, inappropriate. But, after that "yearly check up" he said all is well. Whew, thank goodness!

Just so you know, I don't blog about my dreams for anyone else but myself. I write them down just so I won't forget them, and will know just how creative, and lucid my mind can be while I sleep. My drooling mind really does has a mind of it's own.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Last night's dreams were really weird. I won't give details about most of it but the one thing I will tell is that I was dating a Mexican. Not that that is bad, but he broke up with me. Yeah, HE broke up with me. I think it should have been the other way around. Just say'n.

Which reminds me. When I was growing up we always got a call from a Hispanic guy name Jose (I think that was his name). He would call and ask for a "Lori". Well considering I was a 10 year old girl, my parents didn't think it was for me and come to find out, he had the wrong number. But he still called all the time. My mom always joked that I was dating Jose Consuela Rodriguez III. Maybe this was his way of finally letting me go.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sarah+Sacrament= oh no!!

Not much to tell about this dream, but a few months ago I had a dream about my roommate blessing the sacrament at church. I was sitting next to her parents when they noticed that their daughter was blessing the sacrament. She blessed it, said "amen" then her parents looked at me and went off about the status of her car.

They were more concerned about her car than they were about her blessing the sacrament. It was random dream I had a few months ago. Since then the Lingwalls, have gotten their car up to code with the Utah state law. Maybe I was just concerned about their car passing or something.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Spirit of Prophecy and Revelation

If our government finds out about the dream I had last night, I'm sure to be invited to the White House for a chit chat in the Oval office while enjoying a cold Pabst beer with the Commander in Chief himself. Then I'll be escorted to Area 51 where they will suck my memory out of my brain and leave me on the side of ol' Route 66 in Arizona. And last night's dream explains why.

I was enjoying a nice evening outside with friends when all of the sudden I looked to the sky. Hundreds of F-16 planes flew over, followed by bomber planes dropping thousands of parachuters. My first thought was that we were being invaded by another country. We all ran into our houses where we proceeded to try and find places to hide. Thinking that this was the end of the world.

Nope, that wasn't it. It just so happened to be our own government invading our country. Yup, Obama and his administration decided to invade themselves. As we found this out, a friend of mine handed me a shirt with a ironed on picture of Obama. This was to make it appear that I was on his side. (I'm not saying that I'm not on his side in real life, but in the dream I apparently wasn't on his side)

As some army guy and Michelle Obama (in her Halloween costume) came barging in my home, they quickly grabbed my cell phone, and started reprogramming my TV. Apparently we were now under lock down and were limited on what we could watch and who we could talk to. I was so upset that I started yelling at Mrs. Obama in her kitty costume and all she did was smile at me and say nothing!

That was the end of the dream. I'm sure my politically charged friends are eating this up. In fact, my brother analyzed the dream by saying "seems like the spirit of prophecy and revelation to me". We'll see about that.

P.S. Mr Obama if you are reading this, I know you would never do this and I fully trust you. Oh and thank you for not sending Nancy Pelosi to my house.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What was that?

Last night's dream was random. Wait, all of my dreams are random. I really wish a professional could tell me what these mean.

Last night my brother and I were being chased by coconut marshmallow spiders. My bro got bit by one and lived. I ended up chasing the darn thing and killed it. I don't get it, because I love marshmallows, but I hate spiders! Hmmmm?

The second half of my dream was something that I dream about a lot. It's kinda gross, but it happens a lot and I can't help it. I'm in a bathroom with tons of stalls. Each stall that I walk into is .... how you say "clogged" or hasn't been flushed. I go to several stalls and find the same thing. Over and over again.

Seriously, what does this mean? My life is full of shit? I don't know. Either way, I wake up wondering, like I do every morning, what the heck that was all about!

Time for me to go to sleep, wish me luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Vacation Dream

Last night during the 3-4 hours of sleep I managed to get, I went to Croatia. My sister and I (yup Carrie, you've made my dreams twice in one week) decided to go on vacation. Carrie called me and said, "pack up, we leave in the morning". Well for some reason I had no idea where we were going and only knew it was somewhere far away.

As we arrived in Croatia, which didn't look a thing like the picture shown here, I soon realized I had forgotten my passport. Not only that, but Croatia was currently under Communist law and was a bit unstable. Carrie started yelling at me, which I didn't need to hear because I already knew I was in trouble and would probably end up on some Tijuana type prison for months, even years. I had visions of my country having to step in, send an ambassador and try their hardest to get me out. My only hope is that Bill Clinton was they guy they'd send because I knew he could do the job.

Carrie and I decided to try and contact the US Embassy, which never happened. So we decided to enjoy our vacation until I was sent to prison. We stayed at some poor families home, ate their food and didn't dare leave the house because of fighting in the streets. This meant enjoying our vacation was not going to happen. Fortunately for me I woke up before I was hauled off to prison.

What this dream means is beyond me! I'm pretty sure I won't be going a foreign land anytime soon but if I do I'll not forget my passport.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tori+Loser = Carrie

Last night I had a dream I was at a intimate Tori Amos concert with my sister, Carrie. I walked into a small venue where Tori (my fav) was playing and stood next to my sister. I was so excited to be at yet another concert of Tori's.

After each song Tori would walk down into the crowd and mingle with the people. After her song "Give" (which is my favorite from her new album) she walked over to Carrie and I. All I could do was say "Tori, I love your music and love you so much. Thank you". She thanked me and then proceeded to look at my sister for a few seconds. She grabbed her her hand, walked her over to the front and had her write something on a piece of paper and then began another song.

Carrie came back and just stood there. I was in shock because I met Tori but more so because Carrie and her seemed to exchange more than just the average fan/artist moment. I asked her what Tori had her write on that paper and Carrie said, "oh, nothing. Just my phone number" I then said "JUST YOUR PHONE NUMBER. WTF"!! Carrie then said that Tori just wanted to call her later.

I was in total shock that my sister somehow exchanged a moment with Tori and asked here why she would want to call her. Carrie raised her hand and showed me a stamp on her hand. It read, "LOSER". I then realized that my sister thought she was a loser and for some reason Tori thought she could help.

I woke up that that moment. First mad that I didn't get to see the rest of the concert, then mad because Carrie had written "loser" on her hand.

Don't know what this all meant, but maybe Tori is the answer to my sister being happy. Don't know, but when Tori sang the song "Give", I about died. It was an amazing performance. :)

Yup, my dreams are weird and I love that I remember so many of them. I know that I haven't been writing much of them but I'm about to start back up.

Dreams in the past few months:

Sarah passing the sacrament
Many murder and bloody dreams
Dreams with houses burning and last but not least, messing up my parents anniversary party dreams!

Until tomorrow!